Friday, May 13, 2011


Camille and her sister, Chloe, at STITCHES
Enjoy this guest post from Camille Butera, possibly the youngest STITCHES participant!
Stitches South was loads of fun! I enjoyed going to the Market and seeing all the different shops. One really neat shop sold jewelry made out of metal knitting needles. Another store sold a knitting card game! There also were some interesting knitting bags there. I got to see loads of nice yarns and fibers as well. One highlight was trying out a spinning wheel for the first time! There were a lot of different types but I only tried one.

On Saturday I went to “Spinning for Knitting” which was taught by Merike Saarniit; I learned how to ply on a drop spindle there and got to try out lots of different fibers. Plying was very cool to do as I had never done it before (two yarns wrapped around each other). I also got to learn a new type of spindle spinning there. The class had so many different fibers, and I especially loved how soft the angora fiber was; it basically just slid between my fingers! There were lots of other awesome colors and fibers which resulted in a very crazy yarn when plied. I had a great time at Stitches and can't wait to go next year!