Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feeling Empowered

All of us probably are feeling a little bit helpless right now as we watch the ugly, oozing oil coat the South's gorgeous beaches, kill precious wildlife and wreck delicate ecosystems. However, as fiber people, we might be able to do something to help. 

A website called is putting out a call for clean, natural fiber of almost any description. Thanks to to a hairstylist and inventor named Phil McRory, the fiber can be used to make oil-absorbing booms to soak up and divert some of the oil spilled in the Gulf. What a wonderful idea! 

If you have any fiber that you think might qualify, or even if it just sounds like an interesting idea, check out the website for details on how to help. 

This information is courtesy of Handwoven Magazine's e-newsletter, Weaving Today. I have checked out the website and it seems quite sincere and positive. Please pass the info on to others. Gotta go - I'm sorting through my fiber now ...


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